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Advanced Driver Assisted Program(ADAS): What you need to know

This system uses a range of sensor technologies to perceive the environment around the vehicle and then gives information to the driver or takes control of the vehicle. The main aim is to reduce death and injuries caused by car accidents. Some of the critical safety ADAS applications include; lane departure warning or correction, pedestrian detection or avoidance, traffic sign recognition, automatic emergency brake, and discovery of blind spots. This system uses the latest interface standards and runs multiple vision-based algorithms. The application is partitioned into various chips which connect sensors to actuators. 

Some common ADAS applications include:

  • Automatic parking, which helps drivers know when to turn the steering wheel and when to stop.
  • Adaptive light control changes the strength, rotation, and direction of the headlights according to the surrounding.
  • Automatic valet parking gives the driver information on where to go and how to get there without harm.
  • The navigation system offers drivers on-screen and voice instructions to follow a certain route while keeping their eyes on the road.
  • Night vision enables drivers to see things that are impossible to see at night.
  • Adaptive cruise control can accelerate, reduce speed or stop depending on the area.
  • Other ADAS applications include glare-free high beam and pixel light, blind-spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, crosswind stabilization, driver drowsiness detection, and driver monitoring system.

ADAS application is important because it reduces accidents caused by human error in the automotive industry, thus saving lives. At Cane Bay Tire and Automotive in Summerville, SC, we provide a range of ADAS applications. Please schedule an appointment with us now. Our team of qualified and professional personnel will be glad to walk you through your journey.