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New Tires

Having proper tires can improve your vehicle’s performance 

Having proper tires can improve your car’s fuel economy and overall safety. You know your vehicle needs some new tires when you see the following: 

  • when the tire threads are visible, 
  • when the vehicle vibrates at a certain speed
  • when your tires begin to show cracks and even dry rots
  • when the tire thread is below Lincoln’s head and when you are experiencing poor vehicle handling. 

At Cane Bay Tire and Automotive, we will replace your tires and inspect and correct any other possible issues such as wheel alignment and vibration, tire balance, leaking oil, or worn-out brake pads and routers.

Why you should replace your worn-out tires

New tires give your vehicle a more substantial stopping power. When you press the brake pedal, your car will stop immediately instead of when your tire deteriorates. New tires will provide more grip when it rains. Old tires will break traction, but you will have better handling with new ones. New tires will also improve your car handling on mountainous roads as they will provide a difference in how your car feels as you climb and descend hills, valleys, and twisty roads. Moreover, new tires also offer an opportunity for professional vehicle inspection as the mechanic will go ahead to check any other mechanical issues on the vehicle.

Stay ahead with the most reliable and trusted vehicle maintenance for the right quality new tires. Cane Bay Tire and Automotive in Summerville, SC, is ready to provide unmatched services.

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Tire Balancing

Contact Cane Bay Tire and Automotive for Tire balancing & related services

Tire balancing corrects uneven distribution of weight in wheels. During the tire balancing process, tires and wheels are mounted onto a tire balancing machine that then spins the tire and wheel assembly to note the imbalance. Our professional technician will use a calibrated spin balancer to test the moving balance and the non-moving balance, after which they will restore the tires to their proper balance according to the results. Wheel balancing is important for smooth driving, vehicle stability, and tire wear as it enables the tires to spin without causing vibrations. For good vehicle maintenance, tire balancing should be done every 5000-6000 miles, and every time you change new tires.

Improper wheel balancing will affect your tire thread and stability and reduce your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and performance. Uneven tread wear, pulling, and a vibrating steering wheel are signs of improper tire balancing. Tires can become unbalanced when the rim hits a pothole or when you park your car for extended periods without moving it as it develops flat spots. Taking your vehicle in for regular tire balancing service is very important for today’s cars, designed to be lighter weight. The heavier weight of older model cars ensured a smooth travel by suppressing vibrations before they were felt. 

Hire our experienced technicians

Don’t delay in balancing your tires. Make sure you visit a reputable tire fitment center that specializes in every aspect of tire performance and maintenance to achieve a successful and unmatched car experience. Cane Bay Tire and Automotive in Summerville, SC, is here for you!

Tire Repair

Why is it important to repair a damaged tire?

Today’s tires have lower profiles with shorter sidewalls, making it easier to cause permanent damage when driven under-inflated. Too much heat is generated that it can break down the sidewall causing a safety hazard. If a puncture does not occur while driving, never try to limp it along. Having proper tires can improve your car’s fuel economy and overall safety. We will not only replace your tires but also inspect for and correct any other possible issues such as wheel alignment and vibration, tire balance and worn-out brake pads and routers. 

A tire is repaired after an inspection by a service professional who certifies that the tire only needs to be repaired and not replaced. Flat tires can be repaired by repairing the punctures and maintaining air pressure at recommended levels. However, tire repair is not advisable in instances such as: when a tire has gone flat due to a blowout or has suffered from lacerations, or you notice a bulge on the tire’s sidewalls. Industry guidelines allow punctures up to a ¼ in diameter to be repaired based on where the damage was done. 

When working on a punctured tire, our tire technicians at Cane Bay Tire and Automotive in Summerville, SC, will find where the leak is coming from and ensure there are no others by submerging the tire and wheel in water. Then, they’ll dismount the tire and inspect the inside of it for mechanical impairment and the outside to ensure there’s significant tread left on it to ensure it’s worth repairing.

Hire our professionals for tire repair services

Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that comes in direct contact with the road, so it’s very important to repair them properly. Please give us a visit today for the best car experience.