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Transmission Replacement: 4 Key Indicators You Might Need a New Transmission

Your modern car, truck, and cabs are designed with durability that guarantees you dependable services for multiple years when given the proper care and maintenance. However, as time goes by, they will most likely wear out and need repair or replacement. A transmission is a helpful component that will most likely require replacement. Unfortunately, most vehicle owners are uncertain when to go for transmission replacement or rebuild. Thankfully, this post shows you 4 top indicators of when your transmission needs to be replaced with a new one. Keep reading to learn more!

4 Indicators You Might Need Transmission Replacement

Here are four key signs you should rush to a reliable auto mechanic for transmission replacement for your vehicle:

Noisy Transmission – A failing transmission can produce a sharp noise, but it is best to rush for immediate attention if you notice any noise from your transmission. You can focus on recognizing banging, grinding, or any rambling as you change the gears. Also, an engine compartment can produce a high wheezing sound. Thus, if you notice any unusual sound from the transmission, it is a sign that it requires immediate attention.

Check Engine Light on The Dashboard – This is the easiest way to identify transmission faults. Although many people tend to ignore it and assume it will go off, this is a sensitive issue that needs to be addressed. Therefore, get a professional diagnostics test from an experienced technician to solve the problem.

Fluid Leaks -Leaking fluid is a bad sign for any vehicle’s transmission system. It can be frustrating to identify the source of the leak, but you can inspect the stains and puddles underneath your vehicle to identify its cause. Alternatively, take a drive to a reliable mechanic who conveniently identifies and diagnoses the problem.

Slipping Gears, Sluggish Transmission, and Hard Shifting – You may experience a hard time changing gears or the shifter coming out on your manual vehicle. On the other hand, you may realize slipping gears on your automatic car. These signs indicate that the transmission system has low fluid levels that necessitate immediate attention.

Get A Reliable Transmission Replacement in Summerville, SC

While your car may require transmission replacement, not all mechanics will provide unquestionable services. Luckily, Cane Bay Tire in Summerville, SC, is always here to cater to your needs best. We are composed of a team of experienced mechanics who provide unquestionable services by serving our customers best. Schedule an appointment with us now and get a reliable transmission replacement from our customer-oriented professionals!